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Mr. John Macnamara owned and operated the first hotel at Miriam Vale. It was situated where the present Hotel now stands in Blomfield Street. This hotel was originally on the first original survey of the railway line, near the rodeo ground on the corner of Blackman’s Gap road, and the main highway, always known as the Polmaily Road. A later survey is the one they choose, that is the present site where the railway is now, and the township of Miriam Vale was established.

Macnamara’s hotel was cut in half and hauled up by bullock wagon in two parts up to the present site. For several years Mr. Macnamara operated the hotel. The attached store was operated by James G Greig who purchased the hotel from the Macnamaras.


In the 21st century it’s still offering weary travellers a typical Queensland pub room upstairs, complete with mosquito nets and one of those wooden wardrobes which never seems to have four evenly cut legs so they maintain a delicate little wobble.

Behind the bar is the secret to the pub’s success – proprietors Mitch and Leean Brennan whose amiable natures act as a binding adhesive in a community which, like every other in the state, is simultaneously being connected and fractured by technology.

“We still do the Friday night footy raffles,’’ says Mitch who keeps alive a spark of that world Lex knew, when the pub formed part of a wider social whirl which included everything from dances to rodeos to “Saturday night picture shows.’’“A good pub should be right at the centre of a community, and that’s where ours is,’’ said Mitch…

Article | Michael Madigan Courier Mail Oct,2017

Photo | Nigel Hallett


Family Photo


The Brennan’s are the proud new managers of the Miriam Vale Hotel.
After over 20 years of living as a hard working mining family from Mount Isa to Biloela and Blackwater they finally decided it was time to make a sea change and become publicans. 

Mitch and Leean first met working together in the Cooroy pub in 1992 and married 7 years later in 1999. They have three kids Casey, Jack and Joelle, with Jack and Joelle still living with them in Miriam Vale. It’s likely you will also see them around working in the bar or kitchen.

Mitch and Leean really know what it takes to make a local pub great and are really passionate about community. So next time you’re at the MVH make sure you say hi.